One of a Kind

Living by the term ‘One of a kind’ quite literally & With a strong aesthetic and deep love for all things old & antique, we launched a jewellery line which uses our creative vocabulary to mix and match somewhat familiar elements in an unfamiliar way. Pieces of vintage silver and antique jewellery are upcycled and re-imagined with the use of precious stones and turned into wearable art – that one can weave into any style of dressing whether indian, western or indo-western making each of our pieces one of a kind.

A penchant for Indian heritage art and design, we draw inspiration from them to create pieces that become statement art themselves.

Mixing and matching somewhat familiar elements in an unfamiliar manner; think extravagant pieces of artistic jewellery crafted with precious and semi-precious stones, precious metals, Jadtar, kundan, mother of pearl and combined with Batik Bone, leather and beads for a creative twist.

Artistic revelations in the form of by pure beads, vintage and antique silver and gold in conjunction with influences from heritage structures, museums and contemporary culture gives our collections a unique twist. Each beautiful piece of jewellery narrates a story of grandeur and is inspired by the marvellous art and architecture of temples and royal palaces of the erstwhile eras.

PS: No two pieces are designed to look alike or manufactured more than one piece. Literally ‘One of a Kind’