Our Story

Lara Morakhia is a self-taught artist and dreamer. Born and raised in Bombay’s renowned Malabar Hill neighborhood, Lara has been a part of India’s influential cultural and fashion scene since a young age. In 2018, after launching a series of successful limited-run collections in apparel and jewelry, Lara formally launched her signature brand under her name. Lara Morakhia lives by the ethos that jewelry is the ultimate form of artistic expression. As one of India’s foremost antique art collectors, Lara draws inspiration from old-world grandeur and contemporary fashion to transform vintage silver and gold, uncut diamonds and pearls, and organic artefacts into one-of-a-kind, timeless statements of art. Lara’s ultimate intent is to design objects that reflect individuality and wearable luxury. Lara currently splits her time between her studios in New York and Mumbai.